Who Are We?

Sales Funnels

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You're probably wondering, "who are we?" We’re Remha Media, an online advertising agency evergreen for the present & coming future. We skyrocket online brands using paid advertising. This is our mission, this is our creed, and we strive to help you reach new feats to the best of our ability.

Why Choose Us?

90 Day Ads Skyrocket Program

This is our signature service. Our ads specialist will begin running ads for you within a week, while our founder, the Digital Aficionado shall oversee the long-term strategy, while making sure everything fits in order to provide you an uberly-profitable campaign.

To this day, we’ve never made less than a 4X return on ad spend in a 90-day span for the brands we serve, so if we do work with you, it’s only because we believe it’ll skyrocket your business. This program is a fixed 3 month agreement and after that, it recurs monthly.

Organic Traffic

Hyper Profit Funnel Creation -
Digital Aficionado Exclusive

This service can be utilized in conjunction with our Ads Skyrocket Program. Since this process is heavily personalized, you have two options: DFY (Done For You) or DWY (Done With You). For DWY our founder, the Digital Aficionado can fly to your office to work with you & your team to build a funnel that effortlessly converts organic & paid traffic while generating unbelievable profits.

The Digital Aficionado builds funnels that not only resonate with your ads, but also stand the test of time. Whether you aim to increase sales, acquire leads, or more, a funnel is for you. This is the centerpiece essential for you to scale to the next level.